Loyalty Rewards Program


Why would you want to participate in the Loyalty Rewards Program? Free Oils!

Greg Cook’s description of Loyalty Rewards:

doTERRA’s Loyalty Reward program is as generous as they come. We are not aware of a reward program out there that is more generous and flexible. Everyone appreciates getting FREE products

I generally avoid comparisons, but I am going to do so here to emphasize my point. If you compare side by side to doTERRA’s largest competitor it would look like this–

A new doTERRA member who enrolls with a $500 kit and stays on a monthly LRP order of 100 PV would earn about 452 points (1 point=$1) in free product over the course of the first year. You would receive 100 points from the Fast Track Program for your enrollment, and you would be advanced immediately to earning 15% of each LRP order in free product. In addition, you would earn Shipping Rewards on every order that was placed online.

If you compare this to our competitor, the new member would earn approximately 150 points over the course of the first year for the same ordering. So yes, you would earn 3 times the amount of free product with doTERRA’s program.

A dōTERRA member who enrolled with a 1000 pv kit and continues with a 100 pv monthly order for one year and places a monthly order would earn approximately 600 points over the first year. This compares to 150 points in the competitor’s program.

Just wanted to point this out. There are so many other advantages that provide flexibility in our program that make it easy to redeem your points.

Happy point accruals!

LRP Rules

Watch this video to learn how the program works:

After watching the video, this quick reference chart is great for keeping track of the details. Enjoy getting free oils!

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