Wholesale Member

The Discounts

The benefits of becoming a Wholesale Member with dōTERRA are many. The first reason that many people decide to become a wholesale member is the discount. From day one, the minimum discount is 25% off retail prices.


Did I say Minimum? I sure did. Every month that a wholesale member makes an order worth 125 point value (PV), they get the free oil of the month. Many of dōTERRA’s products have a point value of 1 point equals $1. For instance, an essential oil that costs $10 would be worth 10 PV.


dōTERRA has a promotions throughout the year. In April 2013, dōTERRA had a promotion where every order equaling 200 PV got a free Deep Blue Roll On and a free Deep Blue Rub (a combined retail value of $124.33 in free product). Wholesale members received an email at the beginning of the month explaining the details.


Lastly, wholesale members may choose to participate in the Loyalty Rewards Program, which offers further discounts.


The cost of a wholesale membership is $35 the first year. In the following years, the cost is $25 to renew. When a wholesale member renews, a $20 essential oil will be shipped, making the cost $5.


The dōTERRA Opportunity

Many Wholesale Members are very happy with the savings and the quality of dōTERRA’s essential oils. Naturally, they tell their friends and colleagues about dōTERRA. While it is not required for any wholesale member to share their experiences, if they choose to, they’ll be compensated for every person who signs up for a wholesale or preferred member account. The only requirement for compensation: order 100 PV per month in the Loyalty Rewards Program.


While your official title in the wholesale membership program is Independent Product Consultant, you are not required to consult or sell anything.


The Benefits of a Wholesale Membership in a Nutshell:


25% off all products
Receive free essential oils through the Loyalty Rewards Program (optional)
Receive compensation from dōTERRA’s business opportunity (building a business is not required)
Receive your own dōTERRA website (free)



Enroll in dōTERRA’s Wholesale Program (also called Wellness Advocate)