How to teach a Class in a Box by doTERRA

Ready to teach a class? There are two ways to teach a class using the new Class in a Box by doTERRA. One way is to purchase doTERRA’s Class in a Box Kit. It is $25 and comes with the following:class in a box kit

The advantage of doing this is that you have everything you need (except the class outline, which is linked below), including oils to share prior to the class or you can give the wild orange to those who choose to get a new wholesale (Wellness Advocate) account.

The second way is to get everything online, except the wild orange. This is is great when you’re traveling, doing a class on the spur of the moment, and have internet access.

I recommend having all the brochures, flyers, and forms printed out in a physical form so the attendees have something physical they can hold onto.

You can find all of what you see below on However, the way they have it set up, you will end up opening up a lot of windows to view the videos, which may slow down your mobile device or be inconvenient. So, I put all the videos one place where it is easy to access each video.

Online Class in a Box Kit:

The Videos:

Introduction to dōTERRA Video

What Is an Essential Oil?

Why dōTERRA Essential Oils?

Then choose 1-4 of the following essential oil videos (be sure to check for more videos as they release them). Choose oils that you have stories about and have on hand. If you don’t have a story yet, that’s ok. You can share what you like about it. Share your story and pass around the oil. Encourage them to try a drop or two. At the very least, smell it.







Deep Blue


Purchasing dōTERRA Product

Becoming a Wellness Advocate


As an instructor, you may also want to watch Theresa Harding’s How to Close video prior to teaching your class. Her techniques will give you some ideas about what to say at the beginning and end of the class. I have found that it is compatible with this and any class you choose to do.

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