How to Close by Theresa Harding


Theresa Harding is a Presidential Diamond with doTERRA.

Teresa loves teaching, training, and helping people. Aside from her passion for essential oils, she loves her family first and foremost. She married the best dentist in the world, Roger Harding, and together they have three sons.

Her goals are to continue sharing the oils around the world and to train people on how to gain financial independence with dōTERRA’s powerful products and business building tools.

She has been the creator/collaborator of several of the business ideas and tools used by
many of the varied training systems available at dōTERRA.

In her webinar, How to Close, she shares some of the keys that helped her be a successful leader and builder in doTERRA. Her techniques will give you some ideas about what to say at the beginning and end of the class. I have found that it is compatible with any class topic you choose to do. So far, I’ve seen increased success using her method.

These are the class handouts:
1) Family Physician Handout
2) Products Made Simple
3) Product Order Form
4) Membership Made Simple
5) Wellness Advocate Enrollment Form

This is the How To Close script.

2 Responses so far.

  1. Anna Summitt says:

    How do I get the script/text for the webinar. I took pages of notes, but would love to be able to print it out without having to type it all up! Why reinvent the wheel, right? Thanks so much!

    • Becky says:

      Anna, well done! I have had great experiences with her tips. I was debating whether to post it on the same page or not because I didn’t want people to skip the video and go straight to the script. In the end, I added the script to the page after you posted your comment. Have a wonderful, successful day!


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