Dr. Hill Healthy from the Inside Out

I recently had the pleasure of attending a Spring Clean- Healthy from the Inside Out with Rich Higbee. As far as I know, that wasn’t recorded. I always enjoy hearing from doTERRA’s Dr. Hill and Wellness Advocate Justin Harrison, so I decided to share their presentation with you.

doTERRA creates a lot of exceptional graphics, but I wasn’t very excited to share the 30 Day Cleanse graphic because many of the people I talked to during Diamond Club trips found it very confusing. So, I took the graphic and copied and pasted it in a way that the people I talked with thought would make it easier to understand. I apologize that the resolution isn’t pristine, but hope it is something you find easy to read.

30 day renewal

These products and more can be purchased at wholesale prices.

Have you tried the 30 day cleanse yet?

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