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Did you receive a check in the mail from doTERRA that you weren’t expecting? You were probably paid because you referred your friend to doTERRA and they ordered some oils. doTERRA recognized that people tell their friends and family about the products that work for them and decided to be a company that spreads by word of mouth- it’s one of the best advertising campaigns out there.

It’s a win-win for both of us. How often do you get a check in the mail from a big-box store for recommending a product? Not very often, right?

There are many ways you can get paid by sharing dōTERRA’s oils. This is great because people’s desire to share the oils come in all shapes and sizes.

Retail Sales

retail profitThe first way to earn money with doTERRA by selling products at retail prices. Some people like to buy things at wholesale prices and sell their inventory for retail prices. Retail is marked up 25% higher than wholesale.

The second method is to direct people to your website (you get a FREE website with your wholesale membership). When someone purchases oils from your page, doTERRA will send you a check in the mail, direct deposit it, or put it in an account to be used toward your own future essential oil purchase.

Another way to earn from retail sales is to sell via an online mall such as eBAY or Amazon. If you choose to do this, you MUST talk with the dōTERRA Compliance department and become acquainted with the latest policies and sign an agreement. This protects you as well as dōTERRA’s company name.

Enroll Preferred Members

Some Wellness Advocates choose to enroll Preferred Members because they can earn up to 9% on the Product Value (PV) from purchases made by preferred members. My team tends to not focus on this option because Preferred Members tend to order once or upgrade to a Wholesale Membership.

This video from doTERRA explains the benefits of enrolling Preferred Members and Retail sales.

Enroll Wholesale Members

When you sign up to be a wholesale member, you are a Wellness Advocate who can earn Fast Start Bonuses, Unilevel Compensation, Power of Three Bonuses, and Leadership Pool Bonuses.

Fast start

Fast Start BonusWhen a Wellness Advocate helps someone else get a Wellness Advocate account, they get 20% of the product volume for the first 60 days for making the referral. In otherwords, for every 100 PV (I used 100 PV in this example for simplicity- that number could easily have been 75.93 PV) the new enrollee orders, the person who enrolled them gets $20. The only requirement: The Wellness Advocate who referred their friend must have a 100 PV Loyalty Rewards order set up. The 20% referral bonus is paid on a weekly basis and is called the Fast Start Bonus.


So let’s say Jane, enrolls Barbara. Since Jane made a 100 PV order in her Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP), she will get 20% of Barbara’s order. When Barbara meets the same 100 PV LRP requirements and enrolls Emily, Barbara will get 20% of Emily’s order and Jane will get 10%. When Emily meets the 100 PV LRP requirement and enrolls Erin, Emily will get 20%, Barbara 10%, and Jane 5%. This is true of every order in the first 60 days as long as the LRP requirements are met.

The video below is from doTERRA with their explanation about the Fast Start Bonus.

Power of Three

Power of Three

Another exciting way to earn with dōTERRA is the Power of Three Bonus. The requirement for the $50 power of 3 is for “you” and 3 people that you’ve enrolled to each make a 100 PV Loyalty Rewards order. That’s 400 PV total, right? There needs to be 600 PV for you to get the $50 power of 3 bonus. The remaining 200 PV can come from other Wellness Advocates, Preferred Members, and Retail Customers.

Let’s plug “Jane” into the “You” spot in the graphic above. She ordered at least 100 PV, 3 of her first level members (Katherine, Barbara, and Sue) each ordered at least 100 PV each, and she has a team volume of 600 or more. She earned $50. When Katherine, Barbara, and Sue EACH achieve the $50 power of three, Jane will get paid $250. At this point, Jane has no less than 12 people on her team. When Jane helps Katherine, Barbara, and Sue earn their $250 power of 3 bonus (Jane now has 39 or more people on her team), she will be paid $1500.

doTERRA also has a video about the Power of 3.

Unilevel Compensation

Unilevel Organizational BonusAfter a Wellness Advocate’s enrollee is past the 60 days, the Wellness Advocate starts to accrue Unilevel Organizational Bonuses, which are paid on a monthly basis. Certain requirements must be met in order to earn deeper into one’s organization.

Let’s follow Jane in her journey of building a team with doTERRA. Jane had her first class a couple of months ago. She ordered 50 PV in June, so she would earn 2% from the orders that the people on her front line. She would be paid at the level of consultant around July 15th.

In July, Jane placed a 100 PV order and her team ordered combined total of at least 500 PV, she would be able to earn 2% from the orders on her first level and 3% from the orders of her second level since her friends shared the oils more than 60 days ago. She would be paid at the level of manager.

Unilevel Organizational Bonus SilverLet’s jump ahead a few months after Jane has enrolled several people, who had great experiences and enrolled two or three people each. The process continues and Jane has 7 levels beneath her. She personally ordered 100 PV. Three of the people she enrolled have reached the level of Elite. She will be paid at the level of Silver.

She will be paid a percentage of the orders for the levels below her as seen in the graphic on the left.

Sometimes, I hear concerns about the percentages from people who are just starting out. They wish they could get 7% commission from the people on the front line and 2% from the people on their 7th line. Let me explain to you why I am happy this is not the case.

Let’s consider this graphic while assuming that my team volume and structure is the same in both companies.

When I first started out with doTERRA, it made complete sense that people would want to be paid at a higher percentage up front because there is an initial investment of time and some money to share the oils. The expenses at the beginning include letting your friends try a drop or two of some of your oils. It does take some time (the amount of time depends on personal experience), but before you know it, you’re bonuses and commissions will be more than the cost of sharing the oils and/or buying oils for yourself. A few months later, I had more money to work with so I could get materials (such as medicine cabinet makeover handouts and sample bottles) to make sharing the oils easier. As time passes, the excitement from my oil successes trickled down the line and my team grew quickly, which lead me to be able to travel the country to teach classes for team members outside my are.

Let’s look at the math now. The team volume in the graphics shown below are theoretical and are based on everyone enrolling 4 people with 100 PV orders on a regular basis after they enroll (we’re assuming for this model that everyone enrolls 4 people who order exactly 100 PV each month- which wouldn’t happen in the real world because some would enroll more and others less, some people order regularly and others do not.

The first comparison graphic is showing what percent doTERRA vs another company gets at each level as well as the volume of a theoretical team.

Unilevel comparison between doTERRA and Other companies 1

The second graphic uses the same volume and percentages as shown above to express the product volume in terms of compensation.

Theoretical Unilevel Compensation Plan Comparison

As you can see, the person working for another company will start off making more than the person at doTERRA. As time passes, the unilevel commission surpasses the other company quickly. If the person leading this team for doTERRA, the monthly commission would be significantly higher than the other company.

This comparison reminds me of the story problem I had in math when I was still in school where 2 people are given the option to get $1 Million up front or to start off with 1 Penny on the first day and have their income doubled each day for 30 days. Who will have more money? The person who received the penny and patiently waited for the income to double.

Below is a chart that shows the average MONTHLY incomes for people in the Leadership ranks from a couple of years ago.

October 2012 leadership pay averages

This isn’t a get rich quick program. In fact, most people I know had to work very hard to share the oils because there are people who are tired of relying completely on Allopathic Medicine, but aren’t sure where to begin or are afraid of making mistakes when they go down the “natural road.” There are others who are very skeptical from the beginning, but eventually try using the oils.

When essential oils become your passion, the dream of helping others outweighs the benefits of the money. Yes, money does help pay the bills and for vacations, but people who are focused primarily on money tend to drive people away. No one wants to be sold to. When they feel like they are being sold to, they become skeptical and may walk away. So I recommend finding your dream and figure out why you want to share the oils. Everyone on the team can have their own dream and ending up helping out different groups of people in our area. When those two things (not money) are your focus, sharing the oils often is easier. Then, help your friends share the oils. I promise, it will bring most people great satisfaction!

Part of the adventure is meeting people outside your normal sphere of influence when your friends start sharing and you get to meet their friends. My favorite part is hearing the stories people share about how they used essential oils.


There are many ways to earn with dōTERRA. This allows each Wellness Advocate to tailor their business based on their needs and the needs of the people they help.

Become a dōTERRA Welness Advocate today and have access to our training program about using the oils, business training, and more for no additional charge. Our goal is to help as many people to care for themselves and their families using the oils and financially.

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