Natural Solutions Presentation

Wellness Pyramid with healthy cycle

Many people feel that the health care system isn’t serving them well.  Often, their health care providers treat the symptoms without addressing the root cause when developing a plan. Then, the pharmaceuticals they are prescribed often cause side effects (new symptoms). The provider prescribes a medication to treat the new symptoms. In the graphic above, the […]

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How to Close by Theresa Harding


Theresa Harding is a Presidential Diamond with doTERRA. Teresa loves teaching, training, and helping people. Aside from her passion for essential oils, she loves her family first and foremost. She married the best dentist in the world, Roger Harding, and together they have three sons. Her goals are to continue sharing the oils around the […]

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Natural Solutions Class

Natural Solutions

When first starting your doTERRA business, it may be in helpful to have a few oils and use some videos to teach your first few classes. I want to support you by making it easier to show the videos for the Natural Solutions Class in order and without popups if you are using a mobile device. Before you […]

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Share Success to Elite Challenge


You’ve heard about the Share Success to Elite Challenge, but became a little nervous about it because the word “challenge” is there. You may even be asking questions like these: Is it going to be hard? Can I actually do this? Do I have enough time? Let me show you how easy it is. You’ll […]

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Fall 2014 Tools for Sharing doTERRA

tools for sharing essential oils

You have given away samples and now you are ready to teach a class. What tools are available? Included in this review: The Class in the Box by doTERRA, Modern Essentials 6th edition, doTERRA University, and Share Success system. I share pictures of every page so you can see before you buy. No, I do […]

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