About Us

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Prior to becoming a Wellness Advocate for dōTERRA, Becky worked for online companies including Customer Loyalty Concepts. Becky enjoys blogging about topics about our family’s road to improving our lifestyle and homeschooling. She also does most of the homeschooling and loves watching the kids when they have light bulb moments.

Brent designs water filtration systems for pharmaceutical, soda, and many other companies that need ultra purified water. He has a creative side, enjoys being around other people, and turning  what others consider scraps or trash into useful objects. For instance, he turned a crate destined for the trash into a shed. Another crate became a chicken coop.

As for our family, each one of us has unique health concerns and the medical bills were adding up. We had prescriptions with the potential for serious side effects, if not right away, down the road. We began researching more natural ways to manage our health. We learned about dōTERRA products and invited a representative to share her presentation with friends and us. We bought the products and tried them out for ourselves. The results were better than we expected.

One day, my friend asked me why we looked healthier and noticed that we had more energy, focus, and improved memory. Soon after, she enrolled and we were her sponsors. The same thing happened with other friends and family members. We weren’t selling an opportunity. We are sharing a lifestyle change that has been around for centuries, but was forgotten with the advent of modern medicine.

We use essential oils daily and love that we can manage most of our health concerns at home. The dōTERRA products. We still use modern medicine, but rely on natural methods first. When the problem we’re facing is too serious or isn’t improving, we go to the doctor.

Our goal is to share a natural method for healing that is compatible with modern medicine, but without the side effects. Our hope is to save you a bunch of doctor’s visits and, in the long run, a bunch of money.